Is there any proof for this theory? [p.2]

Does this mean that you need to be familiar with the aforementioned theories in order to understand Narrative Complexity? Definitely not. I'm not here to bombard you with talk of neurons & brain structures (although there will be some of that) or to spew a litany of frustratingly-obtuse, overly-used philosophical jargon like qualia & dispositionalism (there will be none of that).

My approach will be to use our everyday experiences, common elements of human existence, to explain & demonstrate the mechanisms that compose Narrative Complexity. At its heart, Narrative Complexity is about the experience of being human—and since you are, in fact, a human being, your own experience in that role ought to provide you with all of the background you need in order to understand the theory.

Think of it this way, not many of us could comprehend gravity if it were explained by a physicist in detailed technical or mathematical terms. And yet, based on our general knowledge of modern science, we can still understand a basic "real world" explanation of the concept of gravity: heavier objects attract smaller objects—the larger the mass of the object, the stronger the attraction. And we can use examples from our experience to provide evidence that enhances our understanding of the concept: we don't fly off of the earth, smaller objects fall toward the earth, the moon stays in earth's orbit.

Although the science behind consciousness is deeper & more detailed than ever, and consciousness' most intricate mechanics are, indeed, highly complex—by approaching the concepts from a narrative angle, we can fashion an explanation that can be understood without a degree in neuroscience. Narrative Complexity is a journey you're already taking, this theory simply paints for you the vessel you've been aboard all your life.

Diagram of Narrative Complexity

Is there any proof for this theory? [p.1]

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