Is there any proof for this theory?

Narrative Complexity is an original theory, but one whose mechanisms are well-supported by the latest neuroscience. My series of essays will demonstrate that:

  • Current neuroscience provides evidence that the brain mechanics & structures required to build & enact the mechanisms of Narrative Complexity not only exist, but clearly play a significant role in generating our experience of consciousness.
  • Narrative Complexity's model of consciousness fits comfortably within the context of the most recent consciousness theories—sharing many elements with them, while also expanding or reshaping these shared mechanisms & concepts by applying a narratively-based approach.

For those of you looking for a little name-dropping & theory-dropping to provide a better sense of which ideological umbrellas we're standing under, here's a quick list of some (but not all) of Narrative Complexity's brain-brethren (additional sources are cited in the essays):

Is there any proof for this theory? [p.2]

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