Discover a new view of narrative: a view through the eyes of the brain.
Combining my recent work on the ground-breaking consciousness theory, Narrative Complexity, and my 20-years of experience as a writer & designer, I’ve developed the new & thoroughly-original Narrative Complexity Design Workshop.

Learn how to apply this new view to the design process.
The 4-hour interactive workshop teaches an innovative, narratively-based approach to design research. The methodology is built upon the latest cognitive theory & neuroscience, and was created in collaboration with design colleagues from a variety of disciplines—including interaction, industrial, instructional, game, experience & system design.*

Take a “Sneak Peek” at the Narrative Complexity Design Workshop.
Check out the Workshop Preview PDF. The preview includes the opening of the Facilitator's Guide that I use to run the workshop, a quick list of the contents included in the Participant’s Handbook & a sample “Story Box” from the workshop.

Or just contact me to get the whole story behind my innovative Narrative Complexity Design Workshop.

* Special thanks goes to Central Office of Design for contributing their experience & expertise to the building of this workshop.

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