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Partial Index of the History of the Moon
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Mindful Star-Crossed Here
Island Dying
Nothing Could Get Out From The Night
Confluence If Your Life Were Rivers
Selected Memorigraphy
Where Else
Night Island
She Will Tolerate The Doom of It
The Deep Blue
Night Island
The Consumption
The Coal Sea
Time In Those Places In The World
Where It Can Hide

In August Of The 21st Century Already,
This Late In The History Of Man

Her profile in the doorframe is
a place that doesn't exist
Following the tread here
Vapor oceanside off the edge of the world
Hydra of midnight hour
Long before the supernova
Nightmares of the falling dead that morning
from windows plummeting

O President, your grave is too late for him
They hunt dolphins bloody in the water
We've Carried This Finiteness
With Us Everywhere.
When We Burn
Our Unfound Noise
The Colder It Foiled Us
This Carcass We Fled
In The Face Of Everything We Know
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Here In The Fold Of Our Time
Riddle Of The Glyphs In This Temple Of Our Universe
The Assembly Of Memory When It Returns & Disappears
The Diaspora
You & The Sea
Lightning Flowers In Branches Carried By The Storm
Living In The Lost
And So The Story Sets Sail Here In This Confluence
Of All The Time That Will Have Been Her Life
We Are Confined By All We Love
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